Our Philosophies

The WCFBA primary focus is to develop District 94 athletes as basketball players for the high school program. It should do so by creating a competitive environment that teaches teamwork and basketball fundamentals in an enjoyable environment. We also want to have a program that is recognized as having players, coaches and parents who demonstrate good sportsmanship and integrity at all times.

Our philosophy should not be built entirely around winning. Winning games is a by-product of good fundamentals, commitment and strength of character. If winning games is the only objective of coaching basketball at the youth level, one or all of the elements of success-fundamentals, commitment and character, may be overlooked or compromised. So, a philosophy to strive to win while building character, commitment and excellent basketball fundamentals is essential.

One Important Goal:

Improve participation in the program. It would be ideal to have 2 teams per grade level: the first team of more experienced players participating in the gold (higher division) and the second team to compete in the silver division. The 2 teams could and should practice together periodically.

Teamwork Concept:

To build teamwork, each member of the team must have respect for himself and others. To reach a team’s true potential, each player must be resolved with the same purpose—to be our best. Players must learn to trust one another completely. They must demonstrate respect at all times for their program, their opponents and themselves.A team is more than just a group of players. The program’s coaches, players and their parents are all part of the team. The best teams will have all of these parts working together. Teams that do not fully work together will ultimately fall short of their goals.


To be a good high school basketball player, a young man must possess good fundamentals. We want our players to be equipped to be able to contribute in high school.On a varsity basketball team, the team who has the most players blessed with the best all-around fundamentals is generally the team who comes out on top. Players need to have a good shooting technique, good passing and dribbling skills, good defensives techniques and court awareness. If a player is lacking in an area or two, it makes beating that team easier. It is not hard to pick out the players on the opposing team who are weak in some area. Once that area has been determined, you simply exploit those deficiencies. It is therefore important to develop in our player’s good fundamentals. It is of utmost importance that the players are drilled in the proper techniques on a constant level. They should have the skills necessary to make advantageous decisions on the basketball court.

Offensive Philosophy:

The basic fundamentals of basketball should be taught and reinforced on all grade levels at each practice. It is recommended that coaches teach/install a good motion offense as a base offense with some ‘specials’ and zone offenses added in. A motion allows players the opportunity to have to make offensive decisions on their own and become ‘team’ players. A couple of sample offenses are included.  I have used the swing offense with youth teams before. It provides coaches with a great opportunity to modify plays based on your current teams strengths.7th and 8th grade teams may want to consider using the high school offense.

Defensive Philosophy:

Man-to-Man should be the base defense. Players that master man-to-man defensive principles can more easily adapt to zone defenses. Some zone will/can be used along with zone and man-to-man presses. We want our teams to play strong and aggressively on defense.Excellent teams play good defense. Defense is the foundation of a winning program. The commitment to play excellent team defense is the number one priority.The objectives of an effective defense include the following:Constant pressure on the ball.Dribble and pass penetration to the basket must be prevented.Passing the ball must be made difficult. Get in the passing lane!Rebounding position must be obtained on every shot.

Playing Time:

Our program is structured as a competitive travel program with a goal to provide basketball players for West Chicago High School. It is important to provide every player the opportunity to compete and participate in as many opportunities as possible to develop basketball skills and IQ. During 4th, 5th and 6th grades, coaches are directed to provide each player the opportunity for playing time as equal as possible for the first 3 quarters. During the 4th quarter, players that can best help the team win the game may get more playing time.  This is not necessarily equal playing time for each game but over the course of a season or set of games. Certain game situation may or may not offer certain players more time than another.

During 7th and 8th grade, over the course of the season players should have the opportunity to compete in as many game minutes as their peers, however competitive matchups, effort, abilities, attendance, attitude and sportsmanship are factors effecting overall playing time at this level. At this level, equal playing time is not guaranteed.


Practices start in late October or early November after try-outs in September. Coaches determine when practices start. Start dates may be influenced by the number of kids involved in fall football or soccer. The organization works very hard to provide teams with court time 1-2 times per week at local schools.

Practice planning:

Basketball practice planning is a must for all coaches. Some time needs to be set aside to properly plan what you want to accomplish in a given practice. Each team is usually given 90 minute slots of time, one to two times per week.