Q: Why participate in feeder basketball?
A: The mission of the WFB is to provide a positive basketball experience for children commensurate with their ability level and to foster a desire and passion for the game of basketball. The program also hopes to provide positive opportunities to improve individual and team basketball skills.

Q: When are practices? When will they start?
A: 1-2 times per week at local schools. Beginning in October, early November.

Q: How long does the season last?
A: End of February or early March.

Q: How many games?
A: 20-30 plus optional tournaments and end of season league tournament.

Q: How are teams selected?
A: HS and Feeder coaches have input. Position, need, skill level, etc. are all considered.

Q: How many kids on each team?
A: Maximum of 10

Q: Do I have to attend both try-out dates?
A: No, but it may be a good idea to if possible.

Q: What if my son does not make a feeder team?
A: It is encouraged to participate in the park district “Hot Shots” program.

Q: League cost?
A: $200, additional tournaments may be added during the season that may include an additional charge if you choose to participate.